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ARB TRED Recovery Boards

Original price $307.77 - Original price $461.65
Original price $461.65
$307.77 - $461.65
Current price $461.65

TRED Pro: Specially designed for when you find yourself stuck off the beaten track without any help in sight – TRED Pro is the ultimate recovery device to get you out of trouble when traction is lost in even the toughest of conditions; whether it be in sand, mud or even snow. Featuring a unique composite construction EXOTRED, TRED Pro is extremely durable, wear-resistant and can handle high levels of flexibility; providing the ultimate traction by maintaining a high level of pressure on the tire while withstanding the flex of being under vehicle weight on less than stable ground. It's 100% Australian-made and owned and it was the first recovery board with a lifetime warranty.


In addition to TRED PROs, two new TRED recovery devices are now available: TRED GT (Grand Touring) and TRED HD (Heavy-Duty) models. TRED carried over essential characteristics from the TRED PRO series and incorporated them into these models. Two TREDs, one design: two vastly different materials.