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Prinsu Land Cruiser Roof Rack 100 Series (1998-2007)

Original price $1,514.21 - Original price $1,514.21
Original price $1,514.21
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Current price $1,514.21

What do you need to take on your next adventure? A pair of mountain bikes, a rooftop tent for camping, or just some extra fuel to help you get deep into the wilderness? Whatever it is the Prinsu Design roof rack will take care of all of your extra cargo and adventure gear needs!

Product Specifications:

Low profile, aerodynamic design

Custom-fit to each vehicle

All aluminum construction

Modular design

Crossbar “Drop Points” for easy accessory mounting

Powder coated black

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Each Prinsu roof rack is designed to be completely modular and allows the customer to customize the rack to fit their needs. Each Prinsu roof rack is also designed to be form-fitting to each particular vehicle that it will mount to. Combine this functionality with special high-strength aluminum alloy construction and you have the most functional, most aerodynamic, and best-looking roof rack you could ever mount to your vehicle!

Here are some key features of the Prinsu roof rack for the Toyota Land Cruiser:

Modular design: The Prinsu roof rack is designed to be modular and customizable, with a variety of mounting options for different accessories, such as lights, antennas, and cargo boxes.

Lightweight and durable: The roof rack is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which makes it both lightweight and strong. This allows it to support heavy loads while minimizing the added weight on the vehicle.

Low profile: The Prinsu roof rack has a low profile design that reduces wind resistance and noise, while still providing ample space for cargo and accessories.

Easy installation: The roof rack is designed to be easy to install, with no drilling or modification required for the vehicle. The rack mounts to existing factory mounting points on the Land Cruiser's roof.

Compatibility with other accessories: The Prinsu roof rack is compatible with a variety of other accessories, such as awnings, ladders, and rooftop tents, which can further increase the vehicle's functionality and versatility.

Made in America