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Garmin Dash Cam™ Tandem

Original price $299.99 - Original price $299.99
Original price $299.99
$299.99 - $299.99
Current price $299.99

This compact dual-lens dash camera features two 180-degree lenses to provide complete coverage around the driver — day or night.

  • Keep a watchful eye out front and in the interior with — count them — two lenses.
  • The front-facing lens captures all the important details in crisp 1440p video.
  • See passenger activity, even in the dark, with our exclusive night vision technology.
  • No need to choose between powering the dashcam or charging your phone. Do both.
  • Keep those hands on the wheel. This dashcam responds to voice commands.
  • Power up, and you’re ready to go, thanks to the included microSD™ card.



This dash camera houses two lenses, each with a 180-degree field of view that records in front of and inside your car, providing complete coverage around the driver.


This compact camera is discreet and unobtrusive, so you’ll hardly notice it at all.