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Baja Designs Squadron Pro LED Lights

Original price $643.37 - Original price $704.93
Original price $674.15
$643.37 - $704.93
Current price $674.15


The best pod lights on the market. Coming complete with everything you need to wire up for a combo deal. Comes with 2 light pods, and the wiring harness with an on/off switch. With 4,600 lumens in the Squadron Pros. 

  • Comes in a Pair With 2 Lights
  • Unrivaled Performance and Quality
  • In Stock with Fast Shipping

Driving/Combo:  Our most popular pattern, the perfect all around light with maximum trail coverage in a single light.  The Driving/Combo pattern is equipped with both Driving (42°) and spot (9°) optics to provide you with a smooth blend of light for both near field applications and distance (Lighting Zone 3) 
Wide Cornering: BD was the first to develop a pattern specifically for cornering, dust and/or fog conditions. The Wide Driving pattern offers a 42° flattened horizontal beam for the ultimate in comfort lighting. (Lighting Zones 1 & 2) 
Spot: A longer and narrower 9° beam focus for illumination further down the trail or road.  The Spot pattern is designed to be used in conjunction with additional Wide Driving and/or Driving/Combo beam lights. (Lighting Zone 4 & 5) 
Work/Scene: Excellent work light or “scene light” with an extremely smooth 120° circle that projects about 40ft.  This pattern is not suitable for driving. (Lighting Zone 7)