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Rig Strip Sunstrip

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Original price $70.05
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Protect your car, bike, fishing rod, firearms, and other gear with the all-new magnetic SunStrip™

  • Quick, hassle-free magnetic application and removal.
  • Soft waterproof material separates every part of SunStrip from car paint.
  • Stays on full-time - tested in all-weather conditions at highway speeds.  


Will the magnetic SunStrip™ stay on while I'm driving?

  • Yes! The magnetic SunStrip ™ has been built to stay on your car at highway speeds. Make sure the SunStrip™ is flat against the car so air cannot get underneath. (Warning: it might come off in the automated car wash!).

What are the dimensions of the magnetic SunStrip™?

  • 9.5 inches long x 1.5 inches wide x 1.5 inches thick

FAQ - Bikes

Does the SunStrip fit all bike handles?

  • The SunStrip can secure bikes with round handles as well as road bike handles by inserting the handle brake into the outermost groove

Does it work on a hill?

  • A bike inserted into the SunStrip will stay put on only very slight hills (5° or less).  Between all four sides of your car, you can almost always find a spot that works.

Can I pump my tires, adjust suspension, clean my chain, etc. while my bike is on the SunStrip?

  • Absolutely!

FAQ - Fishing Rods

Does the SunStrip fit all rods?

  • Yes!  If a guide gets in the way of a rod fitting fully into the SunStrip, simply turn the section 90 degrees either way, but this is almost always not necessary. 

How many rods can I fit on the SunStrip?

  • Between all of the grooves of the SunStrip, our record is 7.  Let us know if you beat it!

How many times have you broken your rod by slamming it in the car door?

  • More times than we’d like to admit, but never again!

FAQ - Firearms

Does the SunStrip fit all firearms?

  • SunStrip will secure all barrels up to the diameter of a 12-gauge. 

Any other requirements before using SunStrip for firearms?

  • Never lean a loaded firearm into the SunStrip

    Other FAQ

    How do I know if my car's magnetic?

    • Most cars are magnetic. There are a few exceptions though (such as corvettes or other racing cars), and if bodywork has been done in a specific area it may no longer be magnetic. A simple way to test if your car is magnetic is to take a refrigerator magnet and stick it to the vehicle. If the refrigerator magnet sticks, the magnetic SunStrip™ will too.

    How do I keep it from being stolen?

    • We normally keep the magnetic SunStrip™ on our car throughout the day. Sometimes when we leave the parking spot we'll throw it in the trunk just in case!

    Is it easy to remove?

    • Yes! Simply pull off the magnetic SunStrip™ and the strong magnets will release

    Can the SunStrip be used for anything other than bikes, fishing rods, and firearms?

    • Absolutely! We've used the SunStrip ™ to lean paddles, hiking poles, etc. against our cars without having to worry about them falling over and scratching the car paint.

    Why hasn't this always been in my life?

    • We certainly wish it had been, and that's why we made it!