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Wolfbox G890 3 Channel Dash Cam GPS Smart Rear View Mirror Replacement

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Are you looking for comprehensive protection while driving? Look no further than the Wolfbox G890, the ultimate 4K 3-channel dash cam. As a trusted provider of innovative and reliable driving solutions, Wolfbox is dedicated to developing cutting-edge products that cater to the evolving needs of drivers. Building upon the success of our popular G880 model, we proudly present the upgraded G890, packed with advanced features and state-of-the-art technology. With its 3-channel capability and a range of benefits, the G890 sets a new standard for performance and security in the world of dashcams.


  • 3-Channel Dash Cam: Comprehensive Coverage for Your Vehicle
  • 3-channel Parking Surveillance: Protect Your Vehicle Around the Clock
  • Enhanced Night Vision: Clear and Detailed Footage in Low-Light Conditions
  • GPS Tracking: Monitor Your Vehicle's Location and Speed
  • G-Sensor and Loop Recording: Seamless Recording and Incident Detection


  • G890 Mirror Dash Cam
  • Internal Camera
  • 10ft Hardwire Kit
  • Rear Camera
  • Type-C Power Cable

The Wolfbox G890 is a powerful 3-channel dash cam that simultaneously captures footage from the front, inside, and rear of your vehicle. With its three high-definition cameras, you'll have a complete record of everything happening both inside and outside your car. The front camera records at an impressive 4K resolution, ensuring incredibly detailed footage of the road ahead. However, when all three cameras are recording simultaneously, the front camera adjusts to 2K resolution to maintain smooth and synchronized footage across all channels. The inside and rear cameras capture footage at 1080P, providing clear visuals of the interior cabin and the rear view of your vehicle. Together, these cameras offer comprehensive coverage and give you peace of mind while driving, ensuring that no important details are missed.